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July 2021

Women's Weekly, Singapore

7 Places To Customise Your Sportswear, Designer Bags & Denim

Whether you’re into vintage-style illustrations or looking to capture the likeness of your beloved pet on your bag, you can also hit up Vania Isfandari, who has nearly a decade’s experience in adorning luxury leather goods……

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Author Michelle Lee

This story was first published on 21st June, 2021.

May 2020

Harper's BAZAAR, Singapore

#StayHomeWithBAZAAR: Decorating A Coin Pouch with @vania.thebrushlady

If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your leather goods, Vania Isfandari (@vania.thebrushlady) can show you the ropes. In this video, she lists the types of paint and materials you need to start painting on leather, and also demonstrates how you can paint a simple graphic on your Louis Vuitton coin pouch…

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This story was first published on 11th May, 2020.

December 2018

The Peak Magazine, Singapore

How to personalise luxury leather goods. 02 Vania Isfandari

It isn’t uncommon for luxury brands to offer customisation services for leather goods and accessories. However, those looking to personalise one-of-a-kind pieces will do well to engage the services of a marquage artist. ‘Marquage’, a French word, means ‘to mark’. By extension, it refers to the act of personalising an item. And for these marquage artists, luxury leather goods such as Hermes Birkin bags are the canvas on which their work lives…..

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Author Ariel Lim

This story was first published on 12th December, 2018.

November 2018

Her World Magazine Singapore

Marquage Artists of Singapore Part 1: Vania Isfandari

The French word marquage describes the art of literally making a mark. In this series, three marquage artists here who specialise in painting on luxury goods tell us how they fell into this growing art, the styles they each do best, and how they can make your leather goods truly your own. Part one features Vania Isfandari, 32…

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Photography Darren Chang

Styling Bryan Goh

Makeup Marie Soh, using Laura Mercier

Hair Den Ng/Prep Luxe

Location Bar Rouge

This story was first published in the November 2018 issue of Her World, as part of a feature titled Up To The Mark.

February 2018

Indonesia Tatler

Masari x Klove & Vania Isfandari Talisman Launch Soiree

Masari teamed up with Klove and held an intimate launch party for its talisman collection with Vania Isfandari by Masari X Klove. Held at the lavish Sofia at The Gunawarman restaurant, the launch soiree brought together a number of the city’s socialites and fashion lovers who were dressed to the nines.

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Highlights Inside Masari’s Local Brands Spotlight Event

Another highlight during the preview event was Klove’s collection, “Talisman Charm”, produced in collaboration with Vania Isfandari. The collection features a wide range of Klove signature lambskin straps beautifully decorated with unique hand-painted illustrations by The Brush Lady herself. The collaboration was inspired by a combination of folklore, mythology, and traditions, with each strap representing good luck charms and symbols from different cultures around the world.

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Event Promo Video

Photography Irwan Kurnia